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Don gives us a full recap of his Cuba cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line from Port Miami. 

Comedian Tommy Davidson stops by to talk about the new season of Vacation Creation featuring Carnival Corporation. 

Sherry Kennedy has cruise news:

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Sarah shares her six-night Western Caribbean cruise review aboard Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Vista from Miami. This Caribbean sailing went to Cozumel, Ocho Rios, and Grand Cayman. This was Sarah's first time cruising in three years. 

Tommy Casabona from the Always Be Book Podcast weighs in on cruisers complaining about itinerary changes due to the recent hurricanes. 

Sherry Kennedy has cruise news: 

  • Key West reopens since Hurricane Irma 
  • Carnival Fascination is temporarily repositioning to Florida 
  • Cunard Line is ordering new cruise ship 
  • NCL donates money to hurricane relief 
  • Listener question on cruise prices during hurricane season. 
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Jessica and her family just returned from a sailing on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, but this wasn't a normal sailing! Her cruise got extended because of Hurricane Irma. Jessica gives us her review of the ship, the itinerary, and her thoughts on sailing one of the world's largest cruise ships. 

Stewart has Cruise News on: 

  • Eastern Caribbean update? (latest on the islands)
  • FEMA charters cruise ships for national guard workers 
  • Carnival says Grand Turk isn't quite ready to receive cruise ships. 
  • Carnival Fascination delivers supplies to St. Maarten. 
  • Work beings on fourth Princess Royal-class ship - details? 

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We get a review of Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Epic. Plus, Jake Williams from the Canceled series on YouTube talks about his latest project, Carnival Cruise Line's forgotten Pinnacle-class ship. 

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We have an information-packed bonus episode this week as we get wall to wall coverage of Hurricane Irma and those impacted by the storm.

We talk with Sherry Kennedy from about the efforts that Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line are doing to send their ships to rescue stranded vacationers.

Simon Duvall from gives us an island assessment of the Eastern Caribbean islands of St. Thomas, St. John, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Grand Turk, and others that were in the path of the storm.

We also link up with a guest who is currently onboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, sailing a seven-night western Caribbean cruise. Due to Hurricane Irma, the ship has been forced to extend its sailing and will be returning to Port Canaveral a few days late. We get a glimpse of life onboard and how everyone is holding up.

Matt from Royal Caribbean Blog stops by to answer some questions about the cruise contract and passenger bill of rights during hurricanes, he chats with us about where cruise ships go during the storm, and what Royal Caribbean used Enchantment of the Seas for during the storm.

John Heald aired a Facebook Live video on Saturday evening to people impacted and in the way of Hurricane Irma.

Becky Smith is a travel agent who is rebooking a lot of clients who were scheduled to sail this past week. Becky chats with us about the reasons to use a travel agent (especially during hurricane season), how the cruise lines are compensating guests that are impacted by the storm, what particulars travel insurance would cover in a hurricane, and what you should know about booking a cruise during hurricane season.

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On this episode, we talk with Community Manager Simon Duvall about Hurricane Irma and which Caribbean islands have been impacted so far.  

We touch on what a travel insurance policy might cover in a natural disaster situation like this.

Also a review from Ford of a western Caribbean cruise aboard Carnival Victory.

Cruise News:

  • Carnival Corporation donates to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts
  • Port Canaveral is building a new pier
  • Carnival Horizon to have Teppanyaki specialty restaurant

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We finally get to talk to an executive at Carnival Cruise Line and ask him some questions we've been dying to know about booking and other things. This is a pull the curtain back type of interview with Adolfo Perez.

We answer a listener question about buying cruise line stock and where to ship watch out of Port Canaveral if you want to stay there pre- or post-cruise. 

We'll also tackle some of your shore excursion questions with 

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We talk to cruise ship architect, Joe Farcus. Joe has been designing ships for Carnival Cruise Line and Carnival Corporate brands for over 30 years. We had a chance to talk with him about some of his past work and how he designs the cruise ship. 

Note: If you've been listening to Cruise Radio for over six years, you have have heard this interview back in April 2011. It has been one of the most listened to episodes over the past few years so I wanted to make it a bonus episode. 

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This week we get a review of Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America. Tommy Casabona stops by from the Always Be Book podcast to talk this past week's solar eclipse. 

Sherry Kennedy has cruise news: 

  • Carnival extending their sailings to Cuba 
  • Carnival is testing a new port day menu
  • Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas has dreaded technical issues 
  • San Juan is seeing record cruise traffic 

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We get a review of Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Triumph on a five-night western Caribbean cruise. Not only was this his first time on Carnival, but it was his first cruise ever. The review gives a neat perspective from someone who experienced the world of cruising for the very first time.

Sherry Kennedy has cruise news:
  • New details on Norwegian Bliss

  • Royal Caribbean names upcoming ship - details?

  • Carnival ship missed a port because of propulsion issues - what happened?

  • The Bahamas wants cruisers to spend more money.

  • A class action cruise lawsuit is in the works - but this lawsuit isn't against the cruise lines. Check your phone number here.

Listener questions: 
  • Is it possible to share a wifi package among friends?  - Diane from Fargo
  • How does the disembarkation process work with getting back to the airport?  - Heather from Seattle

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