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Costa Concordia continues to dominate the news. We speak with a maritime lawyer about possible law suits and a maritime salvage expert on how they will remove the sunken Costa Concordia. 

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A passenger who was on the doomed Costa Concordia speaks to us in detail about the events leading to the ship sinking. Cruise Guy gives his thoughts and news on the event. 

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We learn about the 100th anniversary cruise of the Titianic and a listener review of Allure of the Seas. Cruise Guy drops by with Cruise News. 

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Maritime attorney Jim Walker gives us six tips for staying safe at sea. This is a re-air from a previous episode but thought it was a good time to remind everyone. 

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We hear from Theresa Norton-Masek from Vacation Agent Magazine about the new builds to look forward to for 2012, a listener review from Carnival Triumph, and cruise news. 

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