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This week we are aboard the Carnival Dream.

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MSNBC's travel guru Chris Elliott explains his latest article Revenge of the hotel clerks: 5 things they’ll do to difficult guests. 

Johnny Jet, the world traveler travels over 150,000 miles a year. Find out how he went being afraid to fly to making a living out of it. A dynamic guy.

Stewart Chiron The Cruise Guy® joins us with his weekly commentary and industry news.

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Managing Editor Nancy Schretter from the Family Travel Network talks to us about family travel while cruising. This is a great show and she covers it all from start to finish.


Stewart Chiron the Cruise Guy also joins us with his weekly Cruise News and commentary.

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One of our favorite guests on Cruise Radio, Geoff Edwards, joins us talking about his battle with norovirus on a recent cruise, gives us a first hand take at it, and talks about his latest book.

Faraz Qureshi, President of the social media cruise site MeetOnCruise talks about the Meet On Cruise. If you're a social media person, this is for you. Such a cool concept!  

Stewart Chiron joins us with his weekly commentary.

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Andy, CEO of Special Needs at Sea, talks about how cruise lines have to be in compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

Rene Klusek and her husband Rich, recently celebrated their 1 years anniversary aboard the Emerald Princess back on July 5. She chats with us about her trip.

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