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Happy Memorial Day weekend!  This week we revisit our trip aboard Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas."

We will resume next week as we broadcast aboard Carnival Cruise Line's "Fascination," in from the port in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Stewart Chiron (Cruise Guy) updates us on the Alaska head tax reduction and how it's affected travel.
Game Show Host, Radio personality, and Travel writer Geoff Edwards will be talking to us about the Silversea Spirit.
Find out what cruise line rated the top in Eco-friendliest in Cruise News.
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Stewart (Cruise Guy) talks to us about Royal Caribbeans updated low prices guarantee.

Islander Ken Mickler joins us on the phone from Martha's Vineyard, Mass. about things to do when your ship ports there.

We talk to a travel insurance expert, Judy Sutton.

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Today, Travel guru Chris Elliot, from elliot dot org answers your questions on Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about flying and volcanoes but were afraid to ask....   If you're a fan of Guiding Light, you may want to take part in THIS Cruise; Kim Zimmer who portrayed Reva on Guilding Light talks to us about the So Long Springfield at sea cruise taking place July 31st out of NYC.

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Stewart Chiron (Cruise Guy) joins us broadcasting live via satilitte from the Southern Caribbean on board Royal Caribbean's "Oasis of the Seas."

Paul Motter, Editor in Chief of recently wrote an article on "How to Smuggle Booze onto a Cruise Ship," he joins us to debunk the myths.

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This week we push technology to the limits again, Doug joins us remotely in the Bahamas aboard the Norwegian Sky. Joining Doug will be the Hotel Director, Rosita Schandy and Cruise Director, Matt Baker. Find out all about Freestyle Cruising!

Stewart Chiron (Cruise Guy) talks to us with Cruise News.

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Doug, Matt and Stewart Chiron "The Cruise Guy" are down in Port Everglades this week to interview the keys players aboard the gorgeous Celebrity Solstice.'s like you're there!.........kinda.

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This week, Stewart Chiron "The Cruise Guy" chats about a record breaking week for the Oasis of the Seas in Fort Lauderdale and Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage charges... will it impact you?

Paul Motter from discusses his recent article he wrote about Fuel Surcharges and its impact on you, the traveler.

Craig Cason, a computer programmer by trade was between jobs and spent a significant time traveling. Hear about his adventures, where he went, and tips for first time world travelers.

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Stewart Chiron the Cruise Guy talks to us about his recent trip to Germany to board the Celebrity Eclipse. 

Nancy Rubin of the Jacksonville Port Authority talks to us about the economic output cruise ships have in our local ports. 

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Stewart the Cruise Guy joins us about his recent article published by ABC News. You can read the article here. 

Dietmar Wertanzl, President and CEO of Cruise West joins us to talk about small ship cruising and their upcoming Around the World cruise.

Matt Orwoll, Editor of Travel + Leisure Magazine returns with part two of his World's Worst Travel Scams.

Jason Davis, Piano Entertainer on the Carnival Glory was recently off the boat and spoke to us about life aboard the cruise ship. 

Check out some behind the scenes footage of Cruise Radio.

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